CyberCare for business groups

Improving cybercrime resilience for business groups and their members.


Improving group response and awareness

CyberCare is available to any group or association wanting to offer cyber incident response services to their members. Partnering enables you to protect all of your members at a group rate, meaning you can provide our service as a membership benefit to your clients.

Get in touch if you wish to give your members the best chance of recovering from a cyber incident, while also protecting them from expensive incident response fees.

Group features

Added group benefits

Access to cyber/fraud expert advice on the recovery of stolen funds

Assistance determining the severity of the incident

Computer forensic investigation

Support and guidance for existing IT team

Initial technical triage with remote access

Security testing to determine network vulnerabilities


CyberCare groups & partners


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We give business groups and their members the best chance of recovering from a cyber incident, while protecting them against high incident response fees.

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