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CyberCare - Incident response retainer

Can't get cyber insurance?

Access on-demand, affordable, and comprehensive cyber incident response, even if you cant get cyber insurance.

Speak to the team: 0203 983 1406

24/7 Cyber incident response

Is your business unable to obtain regular cyber insurance?

​Premium costs, claims history, and 'risky' sectors can all be a factor when trying to obtain regular cyber insurance. CyberCare offers a unique, affordable alternative, giving all businesses immediate access to incident response.

CyberCare annual units cover incident response, but unlike regular insurance you can access proactive services such as risk assessments and staff training if annual units go unused; no wasted premiums.

Speak to the team: 0203 983 1406

Cyber insurance compared with CyberCare

How does CyberCare Enterprise compare with regular cyber insurance?

Typical Cyber Insurance

Investment protected with flexible units

  • Board-level risk updates

  • CIR Preparedness assimilation *

  • Comprehensive risk assessment *

  • Welcome Pack - CIR Checklists *

  • Supply chain resilience reviews

  • “Attacker’s Eye View”™ scans *

  • Monthly one-to-one risk update briefings *

  • Tailored Phishing tests

  • Penetration testing

  • Staff awareness training

  • CIR tabletop extercises

  • Sensitive PII Discovery

  • Legal reviews & workshops

  • Crisis PR workshops

  • CISO services incl. Information Governance policy development

  • 24x7x365 Hotline

  • Incident triage

  • Digital investigations

  • IT recovery services

  • Breached data analysis ††

  • Threat actor engagement †

  • Legal advice

  • Crisis PR advice

  • Trauma counselling ∞ 

  • Credit monitoring

  • Call centre provision

All subject to limits / sub-limits

  • First party losses

    • Business interruption
    • Ransom payments

    • Fraud

  • Third party losses

    • Data protection liability

    • Cybersecurity liability

    • Media liability

    • PCI liability

*  -  Onboarding activity
†  -  Ransom negotiation, sanctions checks & settlement
††  -  For data protection compliance
∞  -  Only available with STORM empanelled insurers

Speak to the team: 0203 983 1406

CyberCare is a units-based retainer

No wasted annual premiums

Unlike regular insurance, annual premiums don't go wasted. Unused units can be spent proactively on risk assessments and staff training.


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