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CyberCare: Enterprise

Cyber incident response retainer service:
Boost organisational cybersecurity

Expert support for cyber incidents 

Rapidly recover from cyber incidents with practical expertise, directly when it's needed using our retainer service

CyberCare: Enterprise is a cyber incident response retainer service that provides specialised technical, legal, and crisis management expertise, on demand. Our team is available 24/7 to triage incidents quickly, targeting the necessary skills for rapid investigation and the recovery of systems, and data.

Cyber crime cover - what's included in our retainer service?

Ready to respond to, and investigate cyber incidents, minimising the losses associated with cybercrime

CyberCare: Enterprise provides its members with the assurance of recovery and minimal impact on business operations after suffering a cyber incident.

24 hr support

Access to leading cyber and fraud experts

Initial technical triage
with remote access

Support and guidance to existing IT teams

Security testing to determine network vulnerabilities

Computer forensic investigation

Incident FAQ

Complete incident

Included products and services

Prevention and preparation support 

The CyberCare: Enterprise retainer service includes several key preventative services designed to identify organisational vulnerabilities before they are compromised by threat actors. 

Rapid Risk Review

A comprehensive cyber risk assessment providing a roadmap to improvements in Cyber Risk Management Maturity (CRMM). 

Cyber3 cybersecurity audit
CyberProfiler cyber exposure scan

Attackers Eye View ™

​Passive simulation of cybercriminal surveillance activities to reduce attack opportunities and likelihood.

Executive board-level
risk review

Board level cyber risk self assessment of the seven key business strategies that support effective cyber risk management.

CyberSeven cyber risk management

Response training and
table-top exercises

Immersive exercises and attack simulations that put existing procedures to the test, guaranteeing they are understood and effective. 


Senior Management Support 

Helping executives make informed decisions 

CyberCare: Enterprise provides support in specialised digital investigation, incident response, and legal and crisis management, 24/7, directly when it's needed most.

Supporting organisations in making the best strategic, tactical, and operational decisions, CyberCare: Enterprise gives members access to specialist, practical expertise. With the ability to respond to all forms of cyber attack, our team of industry leaders specialise in business impact analysts, crisis leadership, public relations, rapid analysis of breached data, threat actor engagement, and negotiation. 

Practical help managing cyber incidents

We provide businesses with specialist investigation and response for the best chance of recovery, while protecting them against high incident response fees. 

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