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Need support?

If you are a STORM CyberCare member and need incident response, please use the numbers below

Cyber incident response

STORM CyberCare customers, call the numbers below:

For immediate support, call our 24/7 hotline. Please ensure you have the following details at hand:​

  • Your name and contact details

  • Your subscription provider or association

  • Your subscription/policy reference

Please note CyberCare is not an IT support service. It is a digital investigations service. We will work with your existing IT support specialists during the investigation and recovery activities.

UK CyberCare Hotline

0800 500 3055

MU CyberCare Hotline

+230 434 1277

India CyberCare Hotline

000 8001 004 277


Support process

Our incident reporting process is simple to follow, and we will guide you through the fastest route to remediation. When you call our hotline we will immediately triage the situation and if confirmed as an incident you will required to pay a single, per-incident fee. Once we receive this fee the response process will begin.

Call our hotline and provide your subscriber reference

Discuss your reported incident with our specialist

Upon confirmation, our specialist will provide you with call reference information

Complete the incident payment form

Make your ‘per incident’ payment

A specialist will contact you on the number arranged and continue the incident investigation and recovery

If you have any questions, need advice, or you have a non urgent request, please contact us here

Practical help managing cyber incidents

We give business the best chance to investigate and recover from a cyber incident 
while protecting them against high incident response fees. 

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