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Get access to some of the worlds leading cyber incident response professionals at a fraction of the cost.

Group CyberCare subscription

Affordable pricing based on group size

We have standard and premium subscription tiers for groups and associations. Our standard service will assist technical staff with everything they need to get back up and running. The additional services listed in premium are available on request. To learn more, get in touch.

If you are an individual company not enquiring on behalf of a group or association, please note CyberCare for individual businesses is coming soon.




24 hour Emergency hotline

Access to cyber/fraud experts

Initial technical triage with remote access

Determination of the severity of the incident

Support and guidance to company’s existing IT support

Security testing to determine network vulnerabilities

Computer forensic investigation

Incident FAQ

Incident report

Business email compromise: deep mailbox analysis

Complex data recovery

CyberProfiler: Attackers Eye View*

CyberSeven Assessment Voucher*

Cyber Security Advice Helpline*

Cyber3: Rapid Risk Review - comprehensive assessment*

Onsite attendance

Ransomware: ransom/extortion negotiation services

Legal services

Credit monitoring services

Public relation services

Cybercrime victim support counselling

Post incident IT/cybersecurity assessment

Ransomware: decryption services

*Preventative features


Individual business memberships coming soon

The Individual CyberCare subscription will allow companies not in a partnered association to join CyberCare as a member. This membership will provide small businesses with access to the industry’s best cybercrime incident responders for as little as £12 a month. 

Join our waiting list for news regarding our Individual CyberCare subscription and other STORM Guidance updates.