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Cyber Incident Response retainer service

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Get access to on-demand, affordable, and guaranteed cyber incident response from industry-leading specialists.

Enterprise cyber incident response retainer

CyberCare: Enterprise

The enterprise solution for organisations looking to expand their cyber and 
incident response capabilities

Cyber incident responders

Get immediate access to specialised cyber experts on demand 

Businesses under-report their cyber breaches for fear of reputational damage, leading many to believe that cybercrime is a ‘black swan’ event. Being affected by a cyber incident is now a matter of when, not if. Don't get caught out. 

Immediate response

Common cyber incidents include Ransomware, Business Email Compromise, and many others, resulting in loss of data, cyber-enabled fraud, and extortion. Should an incident occur, we are available on demand - 24/ 7 - via our immediate response hotline.

World class service

CyberCare was developed by some of the most experienced cyber incident response professionals in the field. Collectively, we have responded to 1000’s of cyber incidents, providing unrivalled knowledge and first-hand experience. Should the worst happen, you are in good hands.

Support at all levels

We provide advice and support to senior management, technical teams, and operational staff for a collaborative approach. CyberCare includes specialised public relations and legal advice, enhancing our client's existing teams with exceptional skills, on demand. 

Cyber crime cover - what's included

Get the best chance of returning to business as usual with minimal impact on your operations

CyberCare incorporates all the essential services required in the handling of cybercrime in every form, with a 24-hour hotline for immediate technical triage and cyber incident response. 

24 hr support

Access to leading cyber and fraud experts

Initial technical triage
with remote access

Support and guidance for existing IT teams

Security testing to determine network vulnerabilities

Computer forensic investigation

Threat Actor

Complete incident

Practical help managing cyber incidents

We provide businesses with specialist investigation and response for the best chance of recovery, while protecting them against high incident response fees. 

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