Cyber response cover - Incident responders standing by from £12pm

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Cyber response cover

Our members are ready to investigate and respond to cyber incidents with minimal impact on operations

The CyberCare service provides small businesses with access to the industry’s best cybercrime incident responders from as little as £12 per month. 

Members of CyberCare can rest assured that they stand the best chance of understanding and recovering from being hacked, with the least impact to their business operations. Should a cyber incident occur, we will provide a full suite of response services previously only available to large organisations, for a single fee of £295. Our cover includes technical triage, specialist support for existing IT and computer forensic investigation. 


Cyber incident responders

Our industry leading team of cyber incident responders are standing by

Businesses do not widely share their cyber breaches, leading to many thinking that cybercrime is a ‘black swan’ event

The reality is that 63% of small businesses reported a data breach in 2019, and on average cyberattacks cost UK business more than £200,000. As a result of being hacked, 60% of companies end up shutting their doors permanently. If a member of CyberCare suffers an incident, we help them investigate and recover.

Immediate response

Common cyber incidents include Ransomware, Business Email Compromise and many others resulting in system damage, cyber-enabled fraud and extortion. Should an incident occur, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via our immediate response hotline.

World class service

CyberCare was developed by some of the most experienced cyber incident response professionals in the field. Collectively we have responded to 1000’s of cyber incidents. Our knowledge and first-hand experience is unrivalled, so should the worst happen, you will be in good hands.

Affordable pricing

High-quality incident response has traditionally only been affordable to large organisations. CyberCare provides its small business members with access to the same resources for £12 per month with a single fee of £295 when an incident occurs

We designed CyberCare to help small organisations recover should the worst happen. With our service, businesses can finally have access to the worlds best cyber triage and response specialists.

For Groups and Societies

Only available through partnered associations

We exclusively partner with societies, associations, business groups and affiliation schemes to provide CyberCare as a membership benefit.

As such, the service is only available to members or affiliates of these organisations. Please click below to see if you are a member of a group or affiliated to a scheme we already support. 

If you are an organisation that would like to offer its members or scheme affiliates the CyberCare service, please get in touch.

Cyber incident response fee protection

Typical cost of cyber incident response


Typical cost without cover*

Covered by CyberCare

Expert advice on the recovery of stolen funds



Initial technical triage via secure remote access



Determining the severity of the incident



Determining network vulnerabilities



Computer forensic investigation



Total cost


£12 per month
plus £295 per incident

With a CyberCare membership all of the above costs are covered by our per incident fee of £295.

* These estimates are at the lower end of fees for suitably qualified specialists, similar to those available through CyberCare

Cyber incident cover - what is included

Our CyberCare incident response cover includes the following services:

Expert advice on the recovery of stolen funds

Assistance determining the severity of the incident

Computer forensic investigation

Support and guidance for existing IT team

Initial technical triage with remote access

Security testing to determine network vulnerabilities


Cyber incident response cover for larger organisations

We have developed a retainer service called CyberCare Enterprise

This service includes:

A Cyber3 Rapid Risk Review

90-minute one-to-one client assessment to determine risk management maturity


Full-service coordinated cyber incident response team with 24/7 response hotline

Cyber profiling

Cyber profiling using our open-source intelligence tools: helping enterprise organisations understand their cyber risk from an attackers perspective

Specialist Advice

Coordination, technical, legal and crisis PR advice as well as ransom negotiation and settlement services

Pre-Incident support

Incident response planning, policy writing, and cyber-fraud prevention training

CyberCare Enterprise provides businesses with expert guidance and access to some of the worlds leading incident responders. 

 Our impartial advice allows larger organisations to respond to incidents faster and more affordably.
Contact us to learn more about CyberCare Enterprise.

Practical help managing cyber incidents

We give business groups and their members the best chance to investigate and recover from a cyber incident while protecting them against high incident response fees.