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CyberCare: SME

Cyber incident response cover from as little as £12 per month

Cyber response cover

Get immediate access to specialised cyber experts

The CyberCare service provides small businesses with access to the industry’s best cybercrime incident responders for as little as £12 per month. 

CyberCare: SME provides its members with peace of mind, offering on-demand, rapid assistance after suffering a cyber incident. Members can access a full suite of response services previously only available to large organisations, for a single fee of £295. Our cover includes technical triage and specialist support for existing IT and computer forensic investigations. 

Cyber incident response fee protection

Typical cost of cyber incident response


Typical cost without cover*

Covered by CyberCare

Expert advice on the recovery of stolen funds



Initial technical triage via secure remote access



Determining the severity of the incident



Determining network vulnerabilities



Computer forensic investigation



Total cost


£12 per month
plus £295 per incident

With CyberCare: SME membership, all of the above costs are covered by our per incident fee of £295.

* These estimates are at the lower end of fees for suitably qualified specialists, similar to those available through CyberCare.

Cyber incident cover - what's included

Ready to respond to, and investigate cyber incidents, minimising the losses associated with cybercrime

CyberCare: SME provides its members with the assurance of recovery and minimal impact on business operations after suffering a cyber incident.

24 hr support

Access to leading cyber and fraud experts

Initial technical triage
with remote access

Support and guidance to existing IT teams

Security testing to determine network vulnerabilities

Computer forensic investigation

Incident FAQ

Complete incident

Included products and services

Preventative Support 

In addition to incident response cover, members gain free access to two industry-leading preventative services for the seamless assessment of existing cyber vulnerabilities.

CyberProfiler cyber exposure scan

Attackers Eye View ™

A complementary CyberProfiler scan that provides an attackers eye view of your organisations digital estate.

Executive board-level
risk review

A CyberSeven self-assessment designed to internally review seven essential cybersecurity management strategies.

CyberSeven cyber risk management

Premium services

Additional CyberCare services

For an additional fee, CyberCare members can get access to the following premium services:

Expert onsite

Comprehensive mailbox analysis

Ransomware negotiation & decryption services

Professional legal and crisis PR advice

Contact us to learn more about our premium services and our exclusive rates available only to CyberCare members.


Membership requirements

A new membership is designed to provide support for SME's in the event of a breach, and not for active incidents.

The following requirements apply:

  • The CyberCare service starts 30 days from the date of your first subscription fee payment. If you seek support for an existing or active incident within this timeframe, please contact our non-membership support service STORM Guidance Incident Response.

  • Your business must have less than 20 staff (full-time or part-time).

  • Your annual turnover must be less than £5 million.

  • Your business must have its own IT specialists, either as staff members or provided by an outsourced IT company, to perform remediation activities. Your IT staff do not need digital investigations or incident response skills as our specialists provide this capability. We will also support your own IT specialists with advice and guidance.

It is important to note, should there be any business changes resulting in operations falling outside of the above criteria, your subscription will become invalid. However, organisations from partnered associations who do not meet the above criteria will receive a preferential rate from STORM Guidance Incident Response.
For large organisations, please see our CyberCare: Enterprise service. 

Practical help managing cyber incidents

We provide businesses with specialist investigation and response for the best chance of recovery, while protecting them against high incident response fees. 

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