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How it works

Cyber incident response retainer service 

Get access to an affordable and guaranteed immediate incident response service, on-demand. 

Typical cyber incidents

Cybercrime provides a low-risk, high-gain opportunity for criminals

In 2019 the UK convicted only 57 cybercriminals, and despite cybercrime being a 1.5 trillion dollar industry, most other countries have similar conviction rates. As a result, cybercrime and digital fraud is rife in the business community.

Many businesses are unaware of the risk cybercrime poses to their business; they believe incidents are a ‘black swan’ event. The reality is quite the opposite. As incident responders, we see cybercrime’s prevalence firsthand. Here are examples of some of the most common incidents and how we have helped businesses respond to them.

Malicious software 

Ransomware /Malware

Malware is software designed to disrupt, damage or corrupt a computer system.


The most common malware is Ransomware. Ransomware blocks access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. Malware can be installed by simply clicking on the wrong link, or by a hacker who has breached your systems. We can determine the extent of a malware/ransomware incident, and as experts in containing malware, we can eradicate the infection and recover key systems.

Unauthorised access 


Hacking is the process of gaining unauthorised access to a computer system.


Hackers generally aim to get administrator privileges to crucial systems so they can deploy malicious code. Alternatively, they attempt to gain access to company communications in Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks, with focus on diverting payments and carrying out phishing attacks. Should this occur, we can help investigate and remediate incidents of unauthorised access.

Digital Blackmail

Cyber breaches & extortion

Cybercriminals regularly use stolen data to extort money from an organisation.


If a business is being blackmailed, we help determine the data stolen, the method used to extract information, and the negotiation. We also help with containment and eradication of the breach, and the recovery of critical business data.

Faulty hardware or network failure

System damage

System damage can be the result of a hack, faulty hardware, or a network failure.


As part of our membership, we assist businesses and any 3rd party service providers, to replace, restore, or re-collect lost data. We also help with encrypted, corrupted, or destroyed data resulting from a system damage incident. 

Theft of funds

Cyber-enabled fraud

Cyber fraudsters impersonate employees, clients, or partners in view of intercepting funds.


Fraudsters target breached organisations gaining access to communication systems. They then move on to targetting customers and partners, often issuing fake invoices. If a fraudulent payment occurs, we can provide advice on the recovery of funds. 

Service Disruption

Denial of service

A Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack disrupts a server or network making it inaccessible to intended users.


This is accomplished by flooding the target with traffic or sending it information that triggers the system to crash. Our specialists can help identify DoS attacks, assist with recovery, and advise on mitigation strategies to prevent further incidents. 

These are just some examples of the potential cyber risks a business can face. By joining CyberCare, you can get on-demand incident response from some of the worlds leading experts. Our specialist expertise will be available when they are most needed. 

Immediate hotline response

How to get help

Our incident reporting process is simple to follow and will guide a business to the fastest remediation. When a cyber incident occurs, members can call our 24/7 incidence response hotline.

Call our hotline and provide your subscriber reference

Discuss your reported incident with our triage specialist

Upon confirmation, our specialist will provide you with call reference information

A specialist will contact you on the number arranged and continue the incident investigation and recovery

CyberCare features

Get the best chance of returning to business as usual with minimal impact on your operations

CyberCare incorporates all the essential services required in the handling of cybercrime in every form, with a 24-hour hotline for immediate technical triage and response. 

24 hr support

Access to leading cyber and fraud experts

Initial technical triage
with remote access

Support and guidance for existing IT teams

Security testing to determine network vulnerabilities

Computer forensic investigation

Threat actor

Complete incident

Practical help managing cyber incidents

We provide businesses with specialist investigation and response for the best chance of recovery, while protecting them against high incident response fees. 

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